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March 10, 2011 / jeffmedic

I’m Legal Until 2013!

All of the EMT’s and Paramedics that are certified by the National Registry of EMT’s can be divided into two groups, evens and odds. We join one of these groups based on the year our certifications are up for renewal. Nationally certified EMT’s must recertify every two years, always by March 31st. Whether we become evens or odds depends on when we complete our initial testing process and get certified for the first time. Appropriately enough for me, I am an odd.

My usual practice when it comes to recertification is to have all of my required continuing education and paperwork competed as soon as it becomes available on the NREMT website, usually in late November. Refresher and continuing education have never been a problem for me because I have been teaching EMS classes for many years. The problem is ignoring the procrastination siren and getting the paperwork done in a timely manner.

The National Registry has recently made things much easier for me. I was able to apply for recertification online including having my service and medical director approve my application and competency. Since I paid with a credit card there was no paper produced in the process. The best part was that it took about a week to get my new card.

If you or your agency haven’t set up with the NREMT to do this, I would look at it pretty close. I have two complaints about this process. First, I cannot have my program set up as an agency so that my students who are recertifying their EMT during paramedic school can fully utilize the online process. Second, it would be cool if I could be listed under multiple agencies to take credit for CE’s I received at my other part time job without inputting them myself.

Overall, the process is awesome and I am grateful to the NREMT for making reregistration a little easier.

What do you think?

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